Prices are subject to change

Breakfast Tea single pot 1.30 pot of tea for two 2.50
Earl Grey and other speciality teas single pot 1.50 two pot 2.90
Herbal Tea is served individually packaged 1.20 per cup.
Espresso 1.20 small or 1.70 large
Cappuccino 1.20 small or 2.10 large
Americano 1.20 small or 2.10 large
Latte 1.70
Mocha 2.75 large
Cafetiere 1.50 per cup
Syrup flavours 0.20 please ask for availability
Made from a chocolate syrup and hot milk this makes a real treat.
Served in a mug or Cappuccino cup 2.10
Please ask if you want extra Vannila.
Apple or Orange juice 1.50p a glass
Squash 50p
Milk 1.20p a glass
Sandwiches ... from £2.85

Cheese with ...pickle, tomato, cucumber,
Bacon with ... tomato
Egg and mayonnaise
Poached Egg on toast
Buttered Toast

Home made cakes ...
Rich or Boiled Fruit Cake, Chocolate Cake, Chocolate Chip Cookies, Chocolate Munchies, Brownies, Shortbread

Scones with Jam & Clotted Cream, Apple & Cinnamon Slice